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Shenzhen huaqiang: 2016 second quarterly net profit fell 38.66% year on year 070.26 million

Date: 2016-06-30

In the first half of 2016, China's macro economy continues to dip in began to appear some signs of stabilization, the independent economic growth momentum is still insufficient, fragile economy stabilises basis.Company's main business of the development trend of industry in the first half of the year involved are as follows: the electronic components industry is increasing rapidly;Traditional electronic stores to continue is impacted by the electricity, sluggish growth;Electronic B2B platform competition, speed up the industry transformation, has entered the online trading 2.0 times;E-commerce market continues to grow.
During the reporting period the company continue to intensify investment in mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy, and actively develop potential targets, so as to further perfect the industry chain layout;For the merger and acquisition of enterprises, strengthening resource integration and support, for the sustained and rapid development;In terms of the original business, continue to promote the business transformation and adjustment, improve market competitiveness;Promote customer center construction, increase support, and to realize long distance.Company persevere through "trading services platform" and "the innovation service platform" double platform construction, further promote the company's strategy of be born, electronic information service system, and gradually perfect the company strive to become the industry leader.
In the first half of 2016 the company achieve revenue 225516.83 ten thousand yuan, up 282.81% year-on-year, net profit 12914.55 ten thousand yuan, a 22.47% drop compared to the same period last year (excluding the disposal of some financial assets over the same period of last year the impact on the financial statements, the reporting period net profit up 9.1% compared to the same period last year on year).Company mergers and acquisitions in 2015 hunan sea electronics and shenzhen jie Yang in the first half of the year have achieved more than expected revenue and net profit, among them, in the first half of xiang hai electronic business income is 150540.64 ten thousand yuan, after deducting non-recurring gains and losses of the net profit of 7596.27 ten thousand yuan;Shenzhen jie Yang in the first half of 12873 operating income of 12873.53 yuan, after deducting non-recurring gains and losses of the net profit of 1318.30 ten thousand yuan.
Trading services platform building:
1, support has been mergers and acquisitions of electronic components distribution enterprises bigger and stronger.
In 2015 the company added electronic components division, to achieve the company's electronic components to develop and integrate management of the business, to promote the company's new mergers and acquisitions of various electronic components and various resources docking, integration, and promote each other between the electronic components business and other business sectors.Financing ways, to meet the demand of xiang hai electronic business of foreign capital, the company quickly develop an overseas financing channel flow, low cost, the development of hunan sea electronic has a very positive influence.During the reporting period, xiang hai electronic actively expand new areas, the introduction of multiple lines, while maintaining the "murata" dominant position and other agency business and the mobile phone market business line have faster growth.Shenzhen jie Yang according to the rapid development of electronic components industry, to strengthen the resources and personnel involved in sales and focus marketing resources, strengthen the market layout, performance achieved rapid growth.
2, increase the intensity of investment research, multi-channel mining m&a project.
Strategic goals in the first half, according to the company, the company's investment team around electronic components distribution, electronic information services and upstream and downstream related industries, deep industry research and mining projects, through various channels, investigations a batch of electronic information service industry and electronic components agent industry potential acquisition target enterprise, some resources reserve.
3, huaqiang electrical contractor to complete the set, strengthen product operation and marketing planning ability, sales maintained rapid growth.
In the face of an increasingly competitive market environment, has been listed on the new three board of huaqiang electronic business (code:
834998) focus on developing brand terminal consumer goods distribution business, vigorously promote the new product line, at the same time strengthening product operation and marketing planning ability, standardize business processes.Huaqiang electrical contractor in April this year to complete the purchase of 2 million shares, 5.6 million, is mainly used to supplement working capital, secondary object for the company's core staff, to achieve the equity incentive on the company's backbone employees.During the reporting period huaqiang electrical contractor strengthened the development of new business, and has obtained certain breakthrough.There is new development of the brand: beautiful ring empty net electricity, kasrrow, 3 m, panasonic;New development of channel are: amazon, jingdong POP store, originally life, etc.During the reporting period, huaqiang electrical contractor to achieve the business income is 224 million yuan, up 48% from a year earlier.
4, electronic professional market, electronic network such as the transformation of existing business and perfect.