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Shenzhen zoo black swan to the koi fish "feeding" scene warmth

Date: 2014-10-14

Shenzhen safari park in the swan lake on warm scene, birth in the blue sky of the black swan swim with the koi fish in the water, the two different types of animals, seize the day long living feeling.Black swan feeding the koi fish food every day, let visitors surprise surprise.
13 morning, shenzhen swan lake, wild zoo keeper is feeding the black swan food, dozen black swans stood in the lake shore scrambling to share the food.At this point, in the lake group, strong and handsome, colorful brocade carp fish swam to the shore lake, also try to overtake each other in all open cute little round mouth waiting for the black swan to the delicious food for them.
Black swans are picking up food to mouth already waiting for brocade carp in the lake, this group of brocade carp while enjoying the delicious feed, kissed the black swan.Black swan and koi fish eat satisfied after each paddle swam back to the center of the lake continues to play.Warm and touching scene, make the scene a lot of tourists.
The zoo keeper said to introduce, the black swan is not consciously to feed koi fish food.Black swans eat feed, belongs to a moisture content less dry granule feedstuff, it needs every picking up food into the water, making food in water softening after easy to swallow.At this time, there will be a lot of feed from its mouth fall in the lake, the group has already been waiting for you in its mouth koi fish so enjoy the delicious feed.Over time, formed the foundations of brocade carp is the habit of eating food.Every food to feed the black swan, can appear black swan and the warmth of brocade carp "kiss".