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"Travel support, affection of heyuan" shenzhen ten thousand people start the activities of public swimming heyuan

Date: 2014-08-04

On July 27, "travel support, affection of heyuan" shenzhen ten thousand launched the activities of public swimming heyuan in evergreen lake scenic area.Thousands of tourists gathered in shenzhen evergreen lake, micro public welfare donations and participate in activities, help heyuan in poor areas to improve operating conditions.
Start ceremony, participate in the activities of the first batch of thousands of tourists gathered in at the gate of the evergreen lake scenic area in shenzhen, first has carried on the micro public welfare donations, total amount donated 4300 yuan.After the donation ceremony, shenzhen tourists travel heyuan evergreen lake, guishan, etc.Tourists have said, through this public tourism activities, not only help people with difficulties, can enjoy pleasure to beauty again, very meaningful.
Activities organized by both tourism, in the form of micro public welfare, combination of heyuan influential tourist resources, in shenzhen market promotion, guide citizens to participate in a growing number of shenzhen public travel.Activity as shenzhen to support one of the contents of heyuan, to take the form of public travel, enriched the content support, opened in shenzhen and the colorful landscape of the heyuan development hand in hand.Start from this month by the end of the year, will stage organization tens of thousands of tourists to heyuan tourism in shenzhen.