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Theme park scenery alone the shenzhen travel a bit "dine"

Date: 2014-02-24

Recently, the famous international market research company "European perspective" released "the top tourist city", the list shows that shenzhen ranked seventh, become after Hong Kong, the second in the top 10 Chinese cities.
As China's important tourist destination, tourists and the tourism distribution center, one of shenzhen's tourism industry is increasingly vigorous development.
As eastern oct oct joy the coast, such as leisure resorts and theme parks, with the original window of the world, splendid China and other old attractions, theme park in shenzhen city name more and more loud and clear. Major theme park recently are drying out of the "report card", according to two tourists were rising year by year.
In recent years, as to the stability of the deep live and settled in the crowd, shenzhen tourism market has changed too. The scene of the Spring Festival "empty city", no longer performance on the tourism industry, also has the change.
More people to the deep, there are more and more people leave a deep, does this mean that the shenzhen tourism city charm gradually improving the tourism industry of shenzhen is from "tickets economy" to the "comprehensive economy" in some studies the corrosion, shenzhen tourism environment gets better, but the core resources are scarce. The city's comprehensive strength enhancement is the key to attract tourists, but shenzhen tourism industry transformation and upgrading of the need to break the existing GongYuanShi single mode, the theme of the development of the tourism industry "the bay area economy".
The major theme park "fortune" flourish
The phenomenon of
According to the style of shenzhen tourism bureau, according to a report issued by the year of the horse in shenzhen, a total of 5.632 million person-times of tourists during the Spring Festival, up 9% from a year earlier. Tourism revenue of 6.92 billion yuan, up 11.6% from a year earlier.
Major scenic spots in the city is quite hot, monitored the visitors 25 scenic area, a total of 4.421 million people, up 18.5% from a year earlier. Shenzhen 18 management fees scenic tourists at home and abroad has received 1.966 million visitors, operating income rose 22.4%, among them, 849000 people an oct 4 big scenic spot, operating income increased 22.7% year on year.
Shenzhen old landmark attractions the relevant person in charge of the Windows of the world to tell a reporter, the Spring Festival golden week scenic areas, a total of 7 days of receiving tourists 256000 person-time, year-on-year growth of 10% last year, over 50000 tourists on two consecutive days, the issue, the third, operating income to an all-time high, and in recent years, annual visitors stay in more than 3 million people.
As the young people the joy of the holy land, shenzhen happy valley also attracted 190000 tourists during the Spring Festival, in the number of year-on-year growth of nearly 6% last year, one evening in the number of year-on-year growth of 64.18%, growth number of tourists in 9% and operating income has increased sharply.
Visitors from guangzhou to deep liu tells a reporter, because their parents like east oct, so he and his family have been three consecutive years during the Spring Festival vacation in oct east. Since 2007, the east of oct shenzhen tourism and a business card, attracted many of the pearl river delta city of tourists. The relevant person in charge of the east oct tells a reporter, the Spring Festival this year, a total of about 290000 people, of tourists, 80% of whom are individual hotel occupancy rates of over 80%.