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Zhangjiakou, shenyang will be opened to shenzhen direct route

Date: 2014-02-20

Cooperation agreement with the spring and autumn airlines, zhangjiakou on February 21, from zhangjiakou to shenyang, zhangjiakou two routes to shenzhen, will be the city's air corridor extending to the north island and south island is the most important of the two cities.
Zhangjiakou to shenyang air routes to plan each class every Tuesday, four, six, from zhangjiakou ningyuan airport 17, 18 when 20 arrived at shenyang airport; 19 05 from shenyang airport, arrived at 20:40 zhangjiakou airport. Zhangjiakou to shenzhen airlines is every Tuesday, four, six fresh, plan from shenzhen airport moment for 13 15 points, arrived in zhangjiakou ningyuan airport time is 16 20 points, while the return from zhangjiakou ningyuan airport flight departure time for the 21st 25 points, when the moment arrived in shenzhen to 0 when 30 points.