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Deep port to create "a lift station" swim deep harbour

Date: 2014-02-13

Yesterday, the shenzhen tourism cathay Pacific seminar held in mission hills, the reporter learned from the meeting, on February 12 to 14 shenzhen style tourism will hand in hand to cathay Pacific southeast Asia headquarters in Hong Kong, south-east Asia tour of deep, Hong Kong "a lift station" tourism resources for joint promotion, each pulse, for make the common market between inbound tourism to lay the foundation.
Seminar by shenzhen style tourism joint of cathay Pacific, century holiday tourism. According to organizers, designed to promote this cooperation in southeast Asia guests to fly to Hong Kong by shenzhen extends into the pearl river delta tourism a lift station type tourism concept. On the product design "on the tip of the tongue of the lingnan, sweet joy, nostalgic roots, personally experience theme park" topics such as lines, for guangdong and Hong Kong inbound tourists platform provide innovative tourism experience. And through your travel agent in Hong Kong into the mainland six days of "144 hours convenient visa" for southeast Asian tourists to visit shenzhen also provides a great convenience.
Style tourism bureau deputy director of shenzhen Yang Yongqun said. "the collaboration will not only bring shenzhen customers, more important is the latest international tourism change information input. Now, tourism is from the purpose to vacationing industry transformation, and transformation in the tourism market of shenzhen is going on." The seminar is also a process of pulse, which can design more in line with southeast Asian tourists flavors of tourism products.
It is reported, cathay Pacific southeast Asia consortium main target customers involved in Chinese, muslims, many nations such as India, Christian culture and religious habits, etc. Therefore, for tourism product theme design, travel arrangements, religious dietary habits, market positioning strategies are put forward higher reception standard. Century holiday tourism Liang Jun chairman told reporters: "we are in the product design to avoid the low price, don't like a day trip on schedule so hasty, and cost-effective." By Hong Kong, shenzhen, Macao, zhuhai and other places of packaging products, such as swim this theme park, Hong Kong Disney and will be in shenzhen window of the world, splendid China theme park packaged together, and then to "lingnan" on the tip of the tongue, for example, five days' spending on eating only higher than similar products from 500 to 800 yuan, can enjoy extra will provide local flavor snacks, this is can't more than a day trip.